4 Replies to “QUIZ: Is the digital nomad lifestyle right for you?

  1. 8 of 8 but still I have no GOOD idea or no marketing strategy….And I don’t have the will.
    Any good idea. I love writing but in German 😉

    1. Maybe freelance writing of some kind (in german), or literary translation from english to german (if your english is good)? Alternatively if you can write fiction, or write about your life in an entertaining manner, you could consider setting up a website/blog which you could then monetise – in german initially, but once you have some decent traffic you could get it translated.

      Alternatively, if you’re desperate to travel but don’t have an online skill, consider being a non-digital nomad! Check out http://www.helpx.net and http://www.wwoof.net for an incredibly cheap way to see the world and have incredible experiences. You’d need a bit of money to get started, but not too much.

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