Learn from the best! Here is a short list of some amazing people who are making a living whilst seeing the world, and blogging about it. Check them out and be inspired.

Simon Fielding just published a great ebook about how to succeed as a digital nomad. Check it out here.

Mish and Rob from have some fantastic resources, including this excellent (and hilarious) article about coming up with business ideas.

Clayton has an awesome website full of travel hacks to save you cash. Find out how he flew around the world for less than $220.

Theodora has some incredible stories about her travels with her son – here is a wonderful post with 100 lessons learned from 1000 days of travel.

Chris has a super cool blog with tons of great info – check out his monthly summaries for a fantastic insight into the cost of life on the road.

Lauren’s blog is.. dramatic! A fantastic read, just don’t let the incidents put you off a life of travel.

Adventurous Kate writes one of the most engaging, inspiring blogs I’ve ever read. Go read the best of it now!

James has been on the road since 2003 – his travel photos are beautiful.

Do you have a favourite digital nomad blog? Comment below!

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