What do you really need and what should you leave at home? How long should you stay in each place? Do you need a laptop or will an iPad suffice? Here is your complete guide to the essential kit and caboodle of a digital nomad lifestyle – all your travel questions answered!

Nomad Apps, What to do?

Analogue Nomad Jobs

Digital Nomad Gadgets – Tablets

Digital Nomad Gadgets – Laptops

Nomad Apps – Accommodation

Nomad Apps

Stay Healthy

Stay Safe

Learning the Lingo

The Cost of Eating Out Around the World – An Infographic!

Digital Nomad Gadgets

World Nomads Insurance

Tom’s Digital Nomad Packing Guide (A sock-lover’s guide)

Digital Nomad Insurance

Start Today

The Pros and Cons of Fast Travel

The Pros and Cons of Slow Travel

Choosing a Bag – Your Home on Your Back!

What Type of Digital Nomad Are You?

Do you really need that stuff?

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